Monday, April 27, 2009

The first 10 weeks

Wow! First of all I must apologize for not writing for a whole month, but I think what I explain below will be at least a half good excuse :o)
To put it kindly, the first 10 weeks of pregnancy have been rough. I have been pretty sick, initially throwing up multiple times a day. After trying one anti-nausea med unsuccessfully, I started what I call my miracle meds. They don't work all the time, I still have to throw up a few times a week, but at least it isn't every day, and for the most part they do actually take away the nauseated feeling, which as you can imagine gets old really quickly! Evan has been a saint... taking care of me and serving me as every good husband should :o) He brings me just about everything I ask for, right when I need it and comforts me when I feel crummy. He's even very cheerfully gone on food runs for me when I get a craving of something that sounds like I can actually eat it and keep it down!!! And most importantly he tells me every day he loves me and thanks me often for carrying our baby! (sniff, sniff ;o)
OK, enough of the sap... We had our first OB appointment with the wonderful midwife who I go to on March 31st. With the first ultrasound at that appointment we were able to see the heartbeat, which was SO awesome!. She was also able to measure the baby's length which came out to 6 weeks 4 days, putting my due date around November 22nd! We have our second appointment this Tuesday and we'll have another ultrasound(US) then as well. This time we should be able to see and hear the heartbeat, as well as make out the arms, legs, head and body of the tiny little one! I hope to post a pic of this US once we have it done!
That's all for now. Please continue to pray for the approval of our adoption postponement. We will be writing the letter of postponement request in about a week and we could really use God's guidance and your prayers for how to word it all properly, etc.
Thanks as always for your love, support and kind words! We are so excited to share this wonderful journey of life and miracles with you all!