Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adoption Update - Adoption on hold

So we have a strange and miraculous story to share with you all. One of joy and heartache. This past Wednesday, March 18th, Evan and I found out I am pregnant. This came as a huge shock as we had fertility testing done before we ever decided to go the adoption route and truly believed I could not get pregnant without medical intervention or, of course, a miracle from God. Well God decided to perform such a miracle. After having the pregnancy confirmed at my midwifes office, I wrote an email to our case worker on at our adoption agency letting her know we had something we wanted to discuss with her that day (Thursday). She called around 11am and said, "well good timing for wanting to talk, I have your referral for you as well. Do you want to go first or should I?" and we replied, "we should probably talk first." We told her the news and she let us know she could not give us our referral due to the circumstances. After many hours of tears, phone conversations with agency employees and mourning, we were told the following conclusion. Due to the best interest of the to be adopted child, our adoption is on hold. If I were to miscarry this pregnancy in the first 12 weeks, then we can continue with the adoption and be back at the front of the list. If I don't miscarry, then the agency has the option of totally terminating our adoption. However, at this same time we will request, formally, a postponement of the adoption and hope the agency will approve this postponement. If it is approved then we would be able to continue next year, when our biological child is about 6months old. We want desperately to still adopt our Ethiopian son!!! Thursday was by far the hardest day of our lives ever. We had feelings of loss and joy back and forth all day. We know we have to trust God, we know He has the best plan for our lives and our family, but it is SO very hard to go through this when we were already attached to our future Ethiopian son. Please continue to pray for us! Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and birth, and for the agency to graciously allow us the postponement!!! We so appreciate your support and prayers!
Much Love,
Evan and Cori

Friday, March 6, 2009

Update 3/5/09 - "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!"

Great news to share with you all again!!! We are now # 4 !!!!!!!!!! We can hardly believe how quickly we are moving along this waiting list! Praise the Lord!!! Our case worker said we should be ready to receive a referral call (pics/info) within the next few weeks!!! Now I really need to get to work on the room!!! Thankfully, our church, Grace Chapel, is having a rummage sale next week. So, I am going to take all the things we don't need and are in the way of rearranging the baby's room! I'll keep posting as we find out more, and one day I will have pics to post! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!!!