Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Other New News

Okay, so I realized recently that you should probably all be in on the rest of the new Campbell household news, besides just the adoption "stuff." Recently, within the last month or two, Evan has realized, accepted and begun to pursue God's calling for his career future... Dentistry!!! He's been interested in the field since high school, but now truly feels it is what God is calling him to! We are very excited to embark on this adventure together! We both have such a peace and reassurance from the Lord about this decision! Evan will apply to OHSUs dental school next fall to start in 2010, so now he is working on finishing up a few prerequisites and job shadowing our dentist in order to be competative for the application process! He has also been hired to an evening shift M-F 3p-11:30p in the day surgery unit at Newberg Providence. He starts in November and it will be so nice to have him not commuting an hour each way to work! We both love Prov Newberg and it's so great to love where you work!!! This job will work out great for him to take the prerequisite classes he needs to complete in the AM.
Anyway, that's all for now, just wanted you all to know!

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Anonymous said...

Cori, I love your blog and look forward to seeing you and Evan realize your dreams! Pam K