Monday, January 12, 2009

#18 and counting!!!

So today we are number 18 on the waiting list!!! SO very exciting! And our case worker also informed us that they made several referrals last week that are awaiting formal acceptance. Once those are accepted this week, then our number will drop even lower!!! God is so good!
I think we are starting to feel a bit more anxious about it all. It is quite clear that in this year, 2009, we are becoming parents. If feels so very surreal! We continue to pray that God will be preparing us for our future son, and be preparing our son for us. It's so cool and strange to say that, "our son"! I'm sure many of you out there know what I mean, when you have wanted something so badly and yet don't have it to claim, but then you finally can! Wow, such a good feeling! A couple of weeks ago when we were praying for our son, Evan used the name we have chosen for him in the prayer... of course I became teary eyed! You know me! Anyway, it was that same surreal feeling. And now that you're probably curious about the name, here's the plan: We plan to keep his Ethiopian name either as a first or middle name, depending on it's ease of pronunciation. If it is difficult to pronounce then we will keep it as his middle name and give him the first name we have chosen. We will share the name we have chosen with others once we have accepted his referral and know his information and see his picture. Trust me, I'm sure it will be a blog title of something to the effect of "Introducing _________ __________ Campbell" !!!!! We'll have another update later this week, once we know how many referrals were accepted last week, so stay tuned! And thanks so much for all your prayers!

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