Friday, March 6, 2009

Update 3/5/09 - "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!"

Great news to share with you all again!!! We are now # 4 !!!!!!!!!! We can hardly believe how quickly we are moving along this waiting list! Praise the Lord!!! Our case worker said we should be ready to receive a referral call (pics/info) within the next few weeks!!! Now I really need to get to work on the room!!! Thankfully, our church, Grace Chapel, is having a rummage sale next week. So, I am going to take all the things we don't need and are in the way of rearranging the baby's room! I'll keep posting as we find out more, and one day I will have pics to post! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!!!

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Marcy said...

How exciting for you guys! Thanks for the update.