Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Past 14 weeks... only 8 left 'til the due date!

30 weeks

So sorry everyone that I have been a total slacker at updating the blog for the past 14 weeks! I have no excuse other than procrastination and forgetfulness! I've been feeling pretty good. Growing more each week for sure! Baby Soup Campbell is moving lots and it has been so fun to be able to see him move now! Based on average fetal growth, he is around 17 inches long now and around 4 lbs in weight! Pretty exciting! A few weeks ago Evan's parents were here and they blessed us with the gift of our crib and rocker/glider chair for the nursery!!! Thanks Fath and Moth! We're working slowly but surely on the nursery, once we have things ready I'll be sure to post pics! So, here's the last several weeks of belly growth pics!!!

28 weeks

26 weeks

24 weeks here with my friend Diana who is 25 weeks, only it's her 3rd baby, so she shows a little more than me!

24 weeks

22 weeks

20 weeks

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