Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adoption Update

Dear friends,
I'm writing today to tell you all about our update involving the adoption. It would be nice to share this with you all in person, but obviously that would be a lot of phone calls. So here's the update all written out for you.
After months now of feeling discontented since we started back in the adoption process Evan and I made the very difficult decision of canceling our adoption. Since we started back in the process late summer we have both felt stressed about the process and overwhelmed by the urgency of trying to finish paperwork and bringing a child home prior to Evan starting dental school. The paperwork was more than we thought we would have to go through again, and the wait list has nearly tripled since we went through in before, and the agency said they are sorry for the "misunderstanding" but we would have to wait the entire wait list again, all of this would bring the total time to nearly 3 more years. After a lot of prayer, discussion and tears we realized that it would be impossible to have a child home with us prior to Evan starting school, and once he's in school the days are long and overflow into the weekends, leaving little to no time for Evan to be intentionally bonding with a newly adopted son. A process we both desperately want to be present for and intentional about. We both feel this is the right thing for our family now and we feel such peace and relief since making the decision. We're trusting this peace is from God and know that we will fulfill His call for our family to adopt once Evan is finished with dental school and we can provide the best possible home for a newly adopted child. Thank you all for your support through the past few years as Evan and I have been going through the process of starting our family and for the support you continually give us as we continue in that journey. I'm so thankful to God for the friendships we have with all of you and the blessings you are to us both.

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Ali said...

I am so proud of you guys for all the love and care you have put into this thought process. I know God's plan for your family is working out according to His perfect will and it makes me so happy to see you following it... Blessings to all three of you! That Brody is one lucky kiddo! You two are amazing!