Friday, February 6, 2009

A good freak out!!!

So yesterday I (Cori) had a good freak out!!! This is an endearing term we use in the Campbell family when we want to express that someone is totally over-reacting to something and it is not necessary at all!!! Well, yesterday I was asleep on the love sac after working night shift and Evan hollered at me from across the room and said, "Sorry to wake you Cor, but we got our email update!" In my deep sleep fog, I replied, "What? We did?" To which Ev replied, "Yep, ready for it?" I shook my head yes, and to my disbelief Evan read the email to me, it went like this, "Evan and Cori, I hope your new year has been good... etc. etc... You are currently #10 on the Boy List. Of course, it is good to know that there are a few referrals that were recently made that have not yet been factored out of the lists as we are awaiting the official acceptances, but congratulations on your movement!" This is where the freak out comes, I said, "What! What! No way! No way! Number 10! What! Are you kidding me Evan?!?" Of course the answer was no, but he does enjoy teasing me every once in a while! I am still in shock, because this means if the pace continues this quickly, we have a lot of work to do! We could be hearing about a boy for us as early as the end of March!!! AHHHH!!! :o) So thank you all SO much for your prayers, they are working! And we are quickly experiencing our journey to parenthood!
Yesterday as I spurred into motion of writing a to-do list and getting started on it, I was able to contact the Adoption Clinic at OHSU and get us set up there! The secretary/receptionist was SO nice and helpful. This step is required in the acceptance of a child referral. Once you have the childs informatiton, you must review it with a doctor who specializes in international adoptions. It felt great to get at least one thing checked off our list of to-dos!
I'll hopefully write again soon with stories of shopping and registering adventures as we seek out the necessities!

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